Industrial assembly

Machine assembly: De and re-assembly of the machines and function test

Before a machine can be transported, all machines must be properly dismantled. After the machine parts and systems have been unloaded, brought in and positioned, things get really interesting for our experts.

Because now the precise alignment of each individual part and the mechanical fine assembly count. Our specialists then carry out the electrical and pneumatic reassembly. They bring all connections together precisely, complete the machine internally and connect it to all the necessary supply lines.

If the machine is ready for operation, we subject it to an extensive function test. We offer a quality check before dismantling and after reassembly and thus guarantee a constant quality of the machine before and after transport. Furthermore, we issue an acceptance / handover protocol for the upcoming machine transport.

Modern technology and modern tools

Our teams use the latest technology and equipment in all of these work steps. The leveling of the machine axes and the alignment are carried out according to the previous ACTUAL status and the technical specifications of the manufacturer. Nothing stands in the way of a quick commissioning and a successful start of production.

Do you have an assembly / machine assembly pending?

Contact us - we will get back to you as soon as possible ...

Industrial assembly | De- and reassembly
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