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Machine transport

Machine transport, heavy transport and special transport in Baden-Württemberg, Ostalbkreis, Stuttgart district

FM Maschinen is your service provider for advice, planning and implementation of machine transports, large-capacity transports, special and heavy transports in Baden-Württemberg. We are centrally located in the Ostalb district in Schwäbisch Gmünd, only 40 kilometers from Stuttgart and Ulm.

As your expert for heavy haulage, machine relocations and machine transports in Baden-Württemberg, we offer the following services:

Inventory and site visit

We check whether and how your machines are suitable for transport / heavy transport. Machine relocations lead to downtime, which is why our approach to machine transport is always geared towards efficiency. Through careful planning and inventory of the upcoming machine transport or heavy transport, we can ensure that the subsequent transport runs smoothly. We also check which route is best for transporting machines or heavy transport, if applicable, and whether the new location is also suitable for the machine.

Heavy haulage and permits

Large-scale transports and heavy transports do not meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

There are 4 types of heavy transports

  • 1. Heavy transport -> small dimensions / size, but very high weight (e.g. crane ballast, concrete girders, heavy machinery)
  • 2. Large-capacity transports -> very large dimensions, but a small weight (for example a tank, large machines)
  • 3. Large-capacity and heavy transports -> the combination fulfills points 1 and 2 (e.g. large transformers, turbines)
  • 4. Long transports -> heavy transport with goods and lengths over 20 meters

These heavy transports cause extremely excessive road use and therefore require a special permit in accordance with Section 29 (3) of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). However, a requirement for a permit is a special permit. Depending on the dimensions (height, length and width) of the truck and its load, escort vehicles (BF3) and possibly even an escort by the police are required for heavy transports. In addition, certain times are prescribed where the heavy transport may take place. The special and heavy transports can only take place with a permit from the responsible public order office. In addition, the customs modalities must be observed for heavy transport.

However, we are happy to take over these permits for you in the case of a machine transport / heavy transport order.




Machine relocation to the desired installation site

We move your machines to the location you want and bring them precisely to the specified location. Our highly qualified technicians have over 15 years of experience in the planning and implementation of machine relocations and heavy transports. We use modern and safe tools and transport vehicles for moving machines or transporting them. All of the forklifts we use are suitable for use in buildings. We use vehicles with non-marking tires and environmentally friendly machines with particle filters, gas or electric drives.

Assembly of the machines and function test

Before a machine and / or heavy transport is possible, all machines must be properly dismantled. After the machine has been moved, professional assembly is required to ensure that the system operates correctly at the new location. If the machine is ready for transport, we subject it to an extensive function test. We offer a quality test before dismantling and after reassembly and thus guarantee a constant quality of the machine before and after the machine transport. Furthermore, we issue an acceptance / handover protocol for the upcoming machine transport / heavy transport.

Additional services for machine transports and heavy transports

In addition to the machine transport services mentioned above, we offer a machine check, in which we check the machine for general functionality. Often it is also necessary to carry out maintenance and repair work while the machine is being set up. At your request, we can optimize and modernize or completely renovate certain machines by retrofitting. We can also accompany you during the start of production to ensure a smooth start of the machine. We are happy to meet customer-specific requirements for machine transport and heavy transport.

Our clientele in the field of heavy haulage and machine transport

Our customers come to us from all over Germany. In the area of heavy transport, production relocations, factory relocations and machine relocations, however, due to the shorter travel distance, primarily from or from the vicinity of Stuttgart (e.g. Stuttgart-Bad Canstatt, Stuttgart -Wangen or Stuttgart-Degerloch), Ulm, Neu-Ulm, Heilbronn, Reutlingen, Esslingen am Neckar, Filderstadt, Ludwigsburg, Giengen an der Brenz, Geislingen, Sindelfingen, Backnang, Schorndorf, Kirchheim unter Teck, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Aalen, Ellwangen, Dinkelsbühl, Göppingen, Waiblingen, Böblingen, Heidenheim an der Brenz, Crailsheim , Schwäbisch Hall, Gunzenhausen, Ansbach, Nördlingen and Günzburg.

Your way to us - Our way to you

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Are you planning to transport machines and / or heavy loads?

Contact us now and we will get back to you as soon as possible. FM Maschinen - your expert for heavy haulage, machine transport and machine relocations - from Schwäbisch Gmünd in Baden-Württemberg (Ostalbkreis).

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